TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO – addressing the challenges of creating compelling digital customer engagement strategies

Tata Communications has been an important part of the mobile messaging ecosystem for several years, following the launch of its mobile messaging exchange service. With a growing range of APIs, across multiple functions and associated ready-made applications the time has arrived for Tata Communications to extend its service capabilities as a full cloud communications service provider.

Tata Communications DIGO platform provides organisations with a suite of device-agnostic communications tools enabling innovation and optimal support for an active customer engagement strategy. Tata Communications DIGO ensures that consumers can benefit from a range of interaction channels. The platform supports a range of customer engagement tools, including programmable voice & messaging, email services, social media, mobile messaging, rich communications service, and marketing automation capabilities. Organisations can integrate Tata Communications’ global network, cloud, unified communications and collaboration capabilities into their applications and use APIs to quickly deploy custom workflows, providing secure access to mobile apps, web apps and other web-based services.

Why launch into an already crowded market? There are a number of reasons that make Tata Communications cloud communications services an ideal choice.

Existing Relationships: Tata Communications maintains commercial interconnections with 2,000 communications service providers around the world. This eco-system ensures that customer engagement services can be delivered almost anywhere in the world. Our carrier grade services are already proven by virtue of our global A2P mobile messaging experience.

Bespoke offers: Tata Communications does not believe in a one size fits all approach. This means that we want to actively engage with our customers to enable their digital eco-systems for optimum business outcomes.

Infrastructure based: Tata Communications owns its own underlying network infrastructure. Unlike many other pure software companies, we combine the software and applications with the network layer for a comprehensive, in-house approach to managing cloud communications.
Visibility and support: Tata Communications has full visibility into the network physical layer. This means that our customer support is fast and efficient. Business continuity is part of the DNA of existing services and their associated SLAs.

Regulatory expertise: With knowledge about regulatory requirements in the markets that we are already serving we can advise organisations about requirements. This level of knowledge about telecoms regulation is ensures service continuity as well as ensuring the organisations we work with can always be assured of compliance.

Focus on design: Tata Communications DIGO provides a visual design tool, which is both easy and intuitive to use. The visual designer can be used to establish processes and communications workflows, using a low-code/no-code approach to application development.

Blended services: Tata Communications cloud communications serves as a perfect complement for related services, including unified communications and collaboration, contact centre as a service, media, IoT, security and voice services. It is easy to develop blended service capabilities from the foundational capabilities across our product and service portfolio.

Tata Communications DIGO enables businesses to empower their customers with more information and more control. It creates an easy and intuitive way to create workflows for customer interactions and transactional activities such as secure use of ride-hailing apps managing workflows for connected workplaces or creating alerts for deliveries. With a focus on programmability and APIs organisations can easily integrate communications workflows with other applications, such as ticket booking systems, or with contact centre applications such as intelligent call queuing and distribution, or chatbot and video call support.

The enterprise communications market is continuously evolving with enterprises demanding flexibility and cost advantage from their communications services. This has accelerated the need for programmable, cloud-based communications services that offer flexibility to integrate communications with enterprise applications. Tata Communications DIGO is designed to serve this need.

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