CONVERSATIONAL AIUse AI to automate customer communications

Contextual customer communications are augmented using AI for suggested actions

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Augmentation, not addition

Use as part of your existing customer engagement workflows

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AI is applied contextually, as part of a customer conversation

fast setup

Fast Set-Up

Integrate AI into agent communications and workflows quickly and easily

machine learning

Machine Learning

The more interactions, the more the AI engine is able to learn and help optimize customer engagement outcomes

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Whether it’s SMS alerts, notifications, or reminders, we connect you to the world.

Live Agent interactions


Agent training

Call completion

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Use AI to help your agents with suggestions about how to guide a conversation and what actions to take

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Apply AI to optimize chatbot interactions, thus helping your contact centre deflection strategy

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Use the AI tool to speed up your contact centre agent training

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

The AI tool can help agents resolve more customers issues quicker, so they can respond to more customers in less time

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Deliver the best outcome in all your customer interactions

Technical features for developers

Ease of integration and comprehensive documentation makes it simple to use our AI engine, to help you engage with your customers

  • Conversational AI Platform.
  • Sandbox environment and test tools
  • User portal, with integrated analytics
  • REST API and SDK

Got Questions. We’ve got all your answers!

How do I use conversational AI as part of agent interaction with customers?

The AI tool can identify information as part of a live agent call and prompt agents with suggestions for responses to customers questions, or about actions to take when dealing with particular situations. This reduces agent training time and also gives agents the confidence to be able to close calls without the need to forward them to other agents or to supervisors.

Can conversational AI be integrated into my chatbot flows?

While the chatbot can be scripted it is also a good idea to integrate AI capabilities into the bot, so that it is able to provide some intuitive responses to customer queries and requests for information.

How can Conversational AI be used as part of a call deflection strategy?

If customers are interacting with a chatbot, the more intelligence you can build into the bot, the better the chance there is to be able to complete a transaction automatically, without the need to involve a live agent.

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