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One platform for your outbound customer email design and delivery, using API or Web Interface

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One agreement, for integrated email

Simplified email design and delivery. Use as part of a broader omnichannel communications mix, including authentication, alerts, notifications.

Integrated mobile marketing

Combine email as a channel for campaign management, using our ‘Engage’ solution, to help create repeat business or bring customers back into the buying cycle.

Ease of integration

Integrate your email customer communications with 3rd party applications, using REST APIs.

Visibility and control

With an intuitive, web-based portal and online reporting capabilities, you get 24x7 visibility and control over traffic delivery.

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We connect you to the world

Customer Service



Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Order and shipping confirmations, account management notifications, updates about terms of service

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Password updates as part of MFA, appointment confirmations and reminders.

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Campaigns, customer newsletters and loyalty program updates

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Integrate email into your communications mix

Technical features for developers

  • Integration using REST APIs and SMTP.​
  • Create, test and edit email templates.​
  • Analytics: delivered, opened, click rates, unsubscribe rates, email bounces
  • Data security including SOC2, GDPR, and encryption

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How do I use TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO Email to create targeted marketing, customer service emails and alerts?

You can develop email as an element of your omnichannel campaigns, running in conjunction with ‘Engage’ our outbound marketing platform.

How are emails delivered?

Emails are delivered quickly and accurately. Tata Communications DIGO Email API makes it easy to manage and control your customer email programs.

How do emails reach my customers?

You get your email messages to your customers using our message transfer agent (MTA) for the best email delivery performance, including email address validation, queue management and throttle risk detection.


It is important that your customers know that it is you who is sending them emails. Apply email sender authentication protocols, reverse DNS, and dedicated IP addresses to provide assurance to your customers that they are receiving genuine messages from you.


Whether you are sending a few hundred emails, or several thousand, you can be sure that the same approach is applied to email delivery, security and tracking.

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