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Develop multi-step marketing programmers or use APIs to integrate mobile marketing with your existing services. We are here to help you with your bulk messaging and campaign creation.

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Providing multiple integration points for 3rd party application integration

SMS & Voice Campaigns
Conversational AI
SMS & Voice Analytics

SMS & Voice Campaigns

Develop targeted, multi-step voice and SMS marketing programmes, or integrate mobile marketing with your existing services, via APIs.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Conversational AI

Using a combination of AI and NLP the TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO Engage platform is enable to detect the sentiment in a customer conversation and prompt your contact centre agents about the best actions and responses

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

SMS & Voice Analytics

Reporting and Analysis (OLAP) on the basis of business parameter (Channel, Enterprise, Region), and message delivery measurement (Success/Failure Delivery, Submit)

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

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Customer Acquisition



Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Grow your customer base, using omnichannel campaigns and promotions

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Get insights into campaign performance. Adjust and monitor progress through visual tools

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Segment and micro-segment your audience for personalized re-targeting opportunities.

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Customer engagement

An integrated platform to manage your campaigns. Seamless Integration with Omnichannels to enhance customer experience.

Reporting and Analytics (OLAP)

On-demand report generation. Analysis based business parameters (Channel, Enterprise, Region). Messaging Measures (Success/failure Delivery, Submit).

Business Process Efficiency

Digital channel integration – App Web, Email. Re-usable business processes, for faster go to market. Support for billing & reconciliation.


An online portal for control, campaign scheduling and reporting. User admin functions (profile, access and password management). Service activation, de-activation, campaign approvals, scheduling.

Technical features for developers

  • Messaging delivery measurement (Success/Failure Delivery, Submit) ​
  • OLAP applying multiple business parameters (Channel, Enterprise, Region)
  • Digital channel integration – App, Web, Email
  • Seamless Integration with Omnichannels

Got Questions. We’ve got all your answers!

What sort of campaign capabilities does TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO Engage have?

TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO Engage lets you develop targeted, multi-step automated Voice, SMS and Omnichannel marketing programmes. Campaign templates are available to use, or you can customize or develop your own marketing campaign flows.

Can I use TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO Engage in conjunction with other outbound marketing and campaign tools?

Yes. TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO Engage provides multiple integration points for 3rd party application integration. Digital channel integration is available with Apps, Web, Email, and Omnichannels. Re-usable business processes can be applied, for faster campaign launch. Integrated billing & reconciliation.

Does TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO Engage come with any reporting capabilities?

Reporting and Analytics (OLAP) capabilities are built in. Analysis based business parameters, such as Channel, Enterprise, Region can be applied. Messaging delivery measurement reporting is available (Success/Failure Delivery, Submit)

How can I establish 2-way customer engagement?

It’s easy to build 2-way customer communications campaigns with TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO, whether using Voice, SMS or Omnichannel channels.

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