Connect for Genesys Cloud CX

Connect with your
customers at a single click through Genesys Cloud CXTM

With Tata Communications Connect for Genesys Cloud CX, communicate with your customers better than ever.

Tata Communications Connect For Genesys Cloud CXTM

Tata Communications Connect for Genesys Cloud CX enables brands to communicate with their customers instantly via messaging. With Tata Communications Connect, offer your customers an integrated messaging experience.

Ease of Integration

Integrate Genesys Cloud CX to Tata Communications Connect within minutes

Detail Interaction Record

Get detail interaction record of conversation within Genesys Cloud CX

Notifications & Updates from agents

Ease of sending notifications & updates to customers while agents are on call with customers

2-way SMS

Interact with your customers within Genesys Cloud CX app on the go

Programmable, Scalable, 100% Reliable.

With Tata Communications Connect, it is easy to communicate with your customers better than ever by integrating different messaging channels within Genesys Cloud CX. Direct integration and 2-way SMS make it simple to keep your business connected. The user friendly interface and comprehensive interaction analysis make it easy to keep track of your communication with customers.

Why work with us?

With our robust network and global coverage, deliver SMS communication around the world natively within the Genesys Cloud CX application at ease.
Our solution help you easily integrate SMS capability to Genesys Cloud CX and get started on two-way SMS.

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Customers Growth with Us.

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