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Embed communications directly into your existing applications



Our WhatsApp API is built with flexibility in mind, so that different communications touch points can be integrated

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Fast Set-Up

Integrate WhatsApp into your communications channels and workflows quickly and easily



All the components of a customer conversation integrated into a single workflow

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Delivery services

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Send confirmations about reservations and bookings

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Order confirmations, delivery notifications and customer service updates

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Targeted marketing to specific customers

Two-factor Authentication Two-factor Authentication

Delivery updates and alerts

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Contact your customers on their channel of choice

Technical features for developers

Ease of integration and comprehensive documentation makes it simple to use our WhatsApp API, to engage with your customers

  • Engage Platform
  • REST API and SDK
  • User portal, with integrated analytics
  • Sandbox environment and test tools

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How does the TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO WhatsApp solution work?

WhatsApp is one of a number of ChatApps that are supported by TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO. We embed WhatsApp directly into your existing applications and provide communications orchestration capabilities to ensure completely aligned customer engagement across all channels.

How can I integrate WhatsApp into my existing customer communication flows?

It’s easy to connect with your customers for things like marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications, or customer service and support. We provide the tools to help you make WhatsApp integration quick and easy.

If I use WhatsApp, can I still send standard SMS messages to my customers?

The best approach is to request your customers what their preference is and then send communications via their medium of choice. Of course the option still exists to use both WhatsApp and SMS if needed.

I am already using WhatsApp to communicate with my customers, does this create any issues?

If you already have a WhatsApp Business Account, it’s even easier to integrate WhatsApp with our broader communications orchestration capabilities.

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