OmniChannel One platform to engage your customers on the channel of their choice

Open new channels of customer engagement with omnichannel communications.

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Support customers across
different channels

WhatsApp Business
Email Email
Voice Voice
Google’s Business Messages Google Business
Web Widget

WhatsApp Business Platform

Reach your customers with one of the most popular instant messaging apps


Integrate email into the communication mix, including alerts, notifications and outbound campaigns with secure email communications.


Still the most ubiquitous messaging service. We connect you with your customers regardless of their location, using a single connection.


Develop a compelling customer voice communication experiences with our secure, programmable voice service

Google Business Messages

Developed by Google for its Android mobile operating system, incorporating SMS, RCS, and IM

Web Widget

Use Web Widgets for advertising, sponsored links, user feedback or to integrate with social media

Engage with your customers
anytime, anywhere

Whether its SMS Alerts, Notifications, or Reminders, we connect you to the world.

One-Stop platform

One-Stop platform

With access to multiple messaging channels



Supporting the most popular apps, with more being added all the time

One agreement, multiple advantages

One agreement, multiple advantages

Global interconnections, across multiple channels

Ease of integration

Ease of integration

Integrate with 3rd party applications, using REST based APIs

Don’t take our word for it.
Try it yourself!

Reach your customers, no matter what channel they are using.

Technical features for developers

  • Engage Platform​
  • REST API and SDK​
  • Multi-language Auto Translate (so that chatbot can understand requests)
  • Voice-to-Text (so that the chatbot can understand requests)​

Got Questions. We’ve got all your answers!

How does the TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO Omnichannel solution work?

With TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO you can integrate multiple ChatApps to offer a broad range of communication options for your customers. We embed your choice of ChatApps directly into your existing applications and provide communications orchestration capabilities to ensure completely aligned customer engagement across all channels.

How can I integrate TATA COMMUNICATIONS DIGO Omnichannel into my existing customer communication flows?

It’s easy to connect with your customers for things like marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications, or customer service and support. We provide the tools to help you make ChatApp integration quick and easy.

Can I still send standard SMS messages along with ChatApp communications to my customers?

The best approach is to request your customers what their preference is and then send you communications via their medium of choice. Of course the option still exists to use combinations of channels.

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